omg okay happy 2 months!! ik it’s not 12 yet butttt i wanna start off by saying i love you, and i always will. you came into my life 2 years ago, and changed it for the better. i want to better myself for us. you’ve been there for me through so much and honestly i don’t think i could have done it without you. you are my literal favorite person in this whole world. you bring out the best in me and make me the happiest person alive. yes we’ve had our ups and downs... a lot of downs but i wouldn’t want to be with anyone else. you’re literally the only person who gets me. LMAO OKAY. but fr ur amazing in every way and ur perfect to me. like so perfect. i see us together for a really long time and i hope i’m right cause when im with you, i’m the best me. i’ve known you for 2 almost 3 years and i wouldn’t change that time with you for anything, with anyone. i keep repeating myself i told you i’d do that but it’s like i can’t say everything enough. ur jus so perfect and i love you so much i wanna keep saying it. it gets annoying sometimes and i’m sorry for that but i just need you to know that you are and i do. this is probably getting so long, so i’m going to end it here but happy two months my love, i love you more than life.


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